Six-pack in Six Weeks?

By Carol H. Pajaron; Photography by Ocs Alvarez

You should know the truth: Working in the magazine business doesn't make you a pinup. (Just as playing pickup ball weekly doesn't give you game worth an ESPN highlight.) The Men's Health HQ, which shares office space with 20 other glossies by Summit Media, is actual proof. Plus, we have the misfortune of geography; being situated inside a mall, most of us conveniently lapse into a daily diet of fastfood. And we are like the average Pinoy whose trip to the gym often gets sidetracked towards the bar and a bottle of San Mig.

Telling you how to lose your gut and build abs like Men's Health cover models may rob us of bragging rights when these guys' bellies show you otherwise. But can we walk the talk? For six weeks, six guys from Summit, including MH staff writer Mike Diez, took on the challenge. This is how they made the change, and how you can, too.


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