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By By Myron D.R. Mariano

Celebrity Muscle: Christian Bautista

Musicians usually mention singing for an important person, say a president, as the highlight of their career; or their album selling millions on the first day of release. For Christian Bautista, it's the exhilaration he felt when he was in Indonesia. Imagine finding yourself being cheered on by 6,000 locals—many are seeing you for the first time—then you'll know why he is living the gig of a lifetime. The crooner, despite finishing as runnerup on ABS-CBN's singing contest Star in a Million, drew acclaim when he released his self-titled multiplatinum album in 2004.

Now he is a regular performer on the network's Sunday noontime show, ASAP. He also goes on live concerts to the US, Middle East, and parts of Asia—where he has a growing Indonesian and Malaysian fanbase. His debut album was a big hit in Indonesia, and has also garnered a multiplatinum award.

Even with his ambitious schedule, Bautista still manages to look after himself, squeezing in a workout or two each week—even when he is touring abroad. He acknowledges how looking fit registers well on the camera. Currently, he's bulking up his skinny, 5'11" frame—and has increased his food intake to help pack on the weight. (See a sample from his workout plan, below.) When either schedule or location prohibits, he turns his interest to sports—an activity his father encouraged him to do. "I play basketball, flag football, table tennis, badminton, and the occasional swimming, golf, and bowling," says Bautista, when asked which sports he favors. He also adds paint ball to the list as top preference: "I love the adrenaline rush of hiding, shooting and getting hit."

Christian's Checklist

Stick to it Christian always makes sure he's as disciplined with his fitness regimen as he is with learning the ropes of the music business. "I set a time every week for me to work out," he says.

Take it home If he were swamped with guestings and performances, he'd settle for exercises he can do at home—like pushups, dumbbell curls, and situps.

Put the hotel to use Major international hotels have revamped their fitness centers—sometimes collaborating with known establishments—to cater to the growing demand of jet-set guys who still want to get fit while they travel. Whenever available, Bautista would make use of the hotel's in-house gym to get his workout done.

Sample Workout Plan

Arms: Tricep and bicep curls, 15-20 pounds, 15 reps
Shoulders: Machine, 90 pounds, 15 reps
Abs: Inclined situps, 60 reps
Chest: Declined and inclined bench presses, 100 pounds, 15 reps


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